New construction of the main station

An approximately 900 meters long and up to 80 meters wide railway station facility runs between Jagerstrasse in the north and the Sängerstrasse in the south. Cross below the previous buffer stops arises a modern station concourse with four 420 m long and 10 m wide platforms.

Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering in Basel

The basic structure of the new building in Basel not only generates a balanced form in terms of urban development, but also an organisational optimisation through the bundling of functions. The aim of the design for the new laboratory and research building was to create a building structure that would permanently withstand the functional requirements for flexibility, meet the highest technical standards and give the building a balanced yet characteristic appearance.

MTU Aero Engines Test Center

The G200 high-tech test center is where parts, components and complete engines – development tests, certification tests and series acceptance tests – are carried out. The technical highlight and heart of the new test center is a multifunctional rotary test stand. It was newly erected in its own enclosure – a double-shell decoupled reinforced concrete structure – and rests on a separately mounted, sound-decoupled 90-tonne machine foundation. The smooth operation of all facilities is ensured by an elaborate supply technology for water, electricity, argon, cooling and hot air as well as a safe heat dissipation of the test stand.