Organ Concerts in the Sacral Room

Each organ is unique because it is built exclusively for the architectural space in which it is to sound. What does this instrument look like up there, whose sound fills an entire church room and so wonderfully enhances church ceremonies?

Following the (sound)-track of the organ builders, I am in different “organ landscapes”. and have asked the actual organists of the instruments to send me their organ on the to introduce your way.

The result is photographs that combine the arts of architecture and music with the genre of Portait in the medium of photography and the gaze of people as indeed portrayed to portraits of an instrument.

Come on and play – sunday morning photographs and stage sceneries

You’re a photographer and want to realise a photographic concept, you’ve managed to get one of few places in the studio and share this place with nine other creative minds. On Sunday morning you can take pictures, on this day you can work undisturbed. In three hours comes sometimes one of the creatives, who still has to make something done.

You get used to think, to design and pull the Trigger fast. The setting is simply designt, the model knows the content well and hast already a red lipstick on her lips. The photo has to disclose something of her, she should tell me a good story, the final image should be beautiful, elegant and stylish … a front door key is turned around, the next step will be realized.

Narrensprung Carnival

What was, what is now… and what will remain? The more distant the culture with its customs is, the more exotic and mysterious seems it to be for us. At the exhibition in Marseille, where costumes and rituals of the Carnival in Southern Germany were shown, a person of German origin could feel, how exotic the customs with their rituals from his own homeland could be. Customs and traditions reflect the lifestyle of their time and adapt to everyday life. Some elements of the traditions are widespread, the others are regionally limited. Is the essence of these customs and traditions still kept and one can still feel the aura or has it just become to be not more than an event?