Exhibition – Time Space Existence

Recently I received an invitation from the Global Art Affairs Foundation to exhibit at this year’s Architecture Biennale in Venice. Host is the European Cultural Center, which dedicates over 3000 m² to architectural photography in Palazzo Bembo near the famous Rialto Bridge. From 26 May to 25 November 2018 my works will be shown in room C14 on the first floor of Palazzo Bembo, near the famous Rialto Bridge. With its high ceilings and wide walls, as well as the view into the courtyard of the palazzo, the room is well suited for my large-format photographs. My pictures are testimonies of life on and with built space. In this directness, they seem like a commitment to the existence of an everyday aesthetic that surrounds us all, which I want to share with the viewer in my photographs. In the current works two main topics can be found again and again: The appropriation and use of space by us and the depiction of a time window in which an everyday moment becomes a staging. Against this background, my photographs will enter into a dialogue with this exhibition that will be unique in this form.