New Construction FH Esslingen

Institute building for energy and environment of the FH Esslingen. Life is a construction site, philosophically speaking; and that life is a construction site in concrete terms, in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin anyway, as we also know in Esslingen, not only through the building site in the Weststadt, but also through the city centre campus of the Hochschule Esslingen. With the energy transition, the faculty of the general contractor for buildings, energy and environment is at the centre of the current political and social discourse.

New Student Residences


Cheap housing is a rarity in the city of Zurich, and the search for an affordable room in a shared house is a real issue for many students. ETH Zurich has therefore decided to create additional housing for students on the ETH Hönggerberg campus.

New construction of an administration building

In der technisches Entwicklung der AUDI AG entstand ein 55 Meter hohes Hochhaus mit 12 oberirdischen Geschossen und drei Untergeschossen. Ein technisches Highlight des Projekts ist der größte und modernste unterirdische Lichtkanal Europas, 125 Meter lang und in 14 Metern Tiefe unter dem Gebäude gelegen. Die gesamten Arbeiten wurden bei laufendem Produktions- und Forschungsbetrieb des Automobilbauers durchgeführt. Eine Aufstockung des Gebäudes um vier Geschosse wurde während der laufenden Planung realisiert.

a new branch office in Stuttgart

The branch office in the commercial area of Degerloch replaced the smaller establishment in Sigmaringer Straße.

Daycare Center Franziskus

New day care of the parish of St. Anthony at the Catholic community center and the St. Anthony Church.

New building of a Comprehensive School

The actual school building is designed as a compact, three-storied atrium building with an approximately square ground. The three-part sports hall with 199 spectator seats is located in the southern part and serves as a noise insulation from the railway line for the school building and outdoor installation. Sports hall is complemented by a 100m track, a long jump facility, a basketball court and a small football field.